What do I have to do if I have lost my library card?

In case you have lost your FAUcard, you can lock it online via the IdM homepage (or unlock it again if needed). Issuing of substitute cards is done by the FAUcard Service Counter. To issue a new card, please first request a substitute online via the IdM homepage.

Other library users have to notify a loss immediately at a information desk, so abuse by third persons can be prevented. After finding your library card again, we will gladly unlock your library account again.
For a fee of 5,00 €, we will also issue a new library card for you if needed.

For locking and unlocking the payment function of the FAUcard, an additional e-mail containing the FPM-ID of your FAUcard has to be provided to To be able to do so, we recommend making a note or a photo of the FPM number, which is located on the backside of the card, after issuing.

To whom can I report a change of address?

All members of FAU have to report a change of address themselves via the IdM homepage and there assign one address to the University Library.

Please bear in mind that the e-mail address used for e-mail exchange is by default your FAU e-mail address. If you wish to have your e-mail sent to another, private e-mail address, please add the new one to your User Data in the catalogue.
If you are an external user or do not own a FAUcard, please inform our staff immediately about a change of address. To do so, please contact our staff at the Information Desks or send us a message via an online inquiry.

What if I damage a medium or lose it?

In case of losing or damaging a borrowed book (or parts of it), you are obliged to pay a compensation. In this case, please report to the location you have borrowed the book from. The staff there will decide if and how you have to provide compensation.
By doing that, you save yourself from the trouble of a charge collection procedure and possibly a suspension of your library account.

How long will my orders be at point of delivery for me to pick them up?

Your orders (both regular and interlibrary loans) will lay ready to be picked up at your chosen point of delivery for one week.

How can I order media from the stack or from other branch libraries?

While accessing the catalogue, you have to choose the location where you would like to pick up ordered media. After researching the literature, you can select your favoured medium by clicking on it. Under the sub-point Copies, you then click on for order. Enter your login data. After selecting the point of delivery (for example Reading Room or Service Counter), the catalogue will show you when the medium will be ready for your picking it up.

How can i reserve media already borrowed by another user?

If you need literature that has been borrowed by another user, it is generally possible to reserve the respective medium through the catalogue.

  • Select the location where you want to pick up the medium first.
  • Search the catalogue for your desired medium.
  • Click on the medium. By doing so, you also receive an overview of potentially available duplicates.
  • Click on status; the medium will be reserved after you’ve entered your UB ID and your password.
  • If there is more than one copy available, you will receive the one which is available first.
  • If after a year, you still have not received the desired medium, your reservation will be deleted automatically – if you do not wish a deletion, you can enter a different deletion date manually via the calender.

After you reserved a medium, it is no longer possible for the current borrower to prolong the lending period of the medium. Please note that the return data for the medium is estimated and thus not final. The eventual availability of the medium depends on the timely return of the medium and other reservations.
An overview of your currently reserved media can be viewed online via your library account. Check Reservations to check the current status of your reserved books.

We will inform you through e-mail or in written form when the reservation is ready for you to pick up.
Notice for students: please bear in mind that the e-mail address used for e-mail exchange is by default your FAU student e-mail address. If you wish to have your e-mail sent to another private e-mail address, please add the new one to your user data in the catalogue.

What happens if I don’t return my books in time?

We will send you an information e-mail before the deadline to remind you to return your media in time. Nevertheless, please check your personal account on a regular basis. There, you will find the current, binding lending periods of your media.
For students only: Please bear in mind that the e-mail address used for e-mail exchange is by default your FAU student e-mail address. If you wish to have your e-mail sent to another private e-mail address, please add the new one to your User Data in the catalogue.

Charge Collection Procedure
In case you’ve forgotten to return your media in time, we are obligated to charge you. The amount of the charges is according to the Bavarian Cost Law. After receiving the warning letter, please immediately return the requested media.
Otherwise, you risk additional, incremental charges.

Please pay outstanding fees at a payment terminal with your FAUcard, your OHMcard, your library card, or a guest card of the Studentenwerk.

Reclaim Procedure
Regarding members of the research staff, a reclaim procedure will be initiated after expiration of the deadline. If you fail to return media, you are liable to pay for the new literature that will be bought as substitute.

How can I check my library account?

You can check your borrowed media, your orders, and your reservations anytime through your personal account. Please click on Account/Renewal in the catalogue after logging in. Alternatively, the button Library Account on the home page will lead you directly to the login page of your account.

The submenus Loans, Requests, Reservations, Fines, FAUdok and ILL: copies, e-books will tell you about the current state of your account.
Please click on the pictures below to enlarge them.

  • Personal Login to the catalogue

    Screenshot Account/Renewal in the catalogue

  • Personal Login to the catalogue via the button on the homepage.

    Screenhsot Library account homepage

How many media am I allowed to borrow?

Members of the University (students, researchers and other employees) are allowed to borrow a maximum of 100 mediums at the same time.
External users are limited to a maximum of 50 mediums at once.

How long may I keep borrowed media?

Media available for loan at the Main Library (HB), the Science and Technology Branch Library (TNZB), the Economic and Social Sciences Branch Library (WSZB), and the Educational Science Branch Library (EZB) usually have a lending period of four weeks. Please note that certain types of media (for example periodical volumes, reading room only media) or media already reserved by multiple people have shorter lending periods.

Lending periods for media from Departmental Libraries (shelfmarks ranging from 01 to 18, and 98SP) may be limited, sometimes borrowing is even not possible.
Further information on specific conditions of borrowing can be found for each medium in particular in the catalogue under Location guide.