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The Main Library, the branch libraries and many of the departmental libraries have work stations with Internet access. Details of the rooms in which they are located are available in the Library Study Rooms Navigator. The Main Library and the Science and Technology Branch Library also each have a CIP pool with computers for members of the University to use. All University Library Erlangen-Nürnberg (UB) locations provide WiFi for members of the University. If you wish to search for literature from outside Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), you must access the university network via the virtual private network (VPN) provided by Regional Computer Centre Erlangen (RRZE).

The Main Library, the branch libraries and many of the departmental libraries have work stations with Internet access that you can use with your login. In some locations it is also possible to send documents for printing from the work stations.

Please note the following information on using the work stations:

  1. The work stations may only be used for the purposes of studying, work and training; they may not be used for commercial purposes.
  2. The General Terms of Use of Bavarian State Libraries (ABOB) from 18 August 1993 and the FAU Terms of Use for IT Systems from 2 June 1995 apply. All users agree to these terms of use by using the work stations.
  3. This includes, in particular, the rules specified here. In addition, users must obey the instructions of UB staff.
  4. The software and functions are provided by UB for independent use; technical support is not provided by UB staff. The UB recommends that users attend the training courses offered.
  5. Printing is subject to a fee; the current FAU price list applies. Printing can be paid for with the FAUcard; in some locations coin payment is also accepted.

In case of a breach of the conditions mentioned here and detailed in point 2, in particular if the work stations are used for purposes other than those specified under point 1, the UB reserves the right to impose penalties (e.g. terminating the session, denying access for a limited period or permanently).

If you wish to research literature from outside the University, you must access the university network via the VPN provided by Regional Computer Centre Erlangen (RRZE).
The VPN enables a computer with Internet access from any provider to connect to the university network.
RRZE recommends using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client. A pre-configured profile for the VPN client for iPhone and macOS is available.
More information and client download

Open the online database or electronic journal via ‘Recherche starten’ (start research). Please note that to open electronic journal articles that are provided in PDF format you will require Adobe Reader, which is available to download free of charge online.

All UB locations have WiFi to enable users to access the Internet from mobile devices. RRZE provides IT services at FAU and is responsible for any questions about Internet access. FAU’s WiFi may only be user by members of the University (students and staff). It provides users with access to the university network.

eduroam is a European initiative – in collaboration with the German National Research and Education Network (DFN) in Germany – that provides students and staff from other participating universities and organisations with WiFi access (e.g. guest students, travelling researchers or during an event).

Students and staff at FAU can make use of 50GB of free cloud storage. The FAUbox project is run by RRZE. The data is stored on RRZE servers and can be accessed from different end devices – whether it is an office computer, smartphone or laptop – anywhere in the world via a secure connection. Users always have access to the latest version of their files regardless of where they are.

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