The provider of this website (University Library Erlangen-Nürnberg) makes every effort to provide barrier-free access in accordance with current legislation.

This Accessibility Statement applies to the websites and applications available at

Status of compatibility with the requirements (“conformity status”)

Partially compliant: Some parts of the content do not fully comply with the accessibility standard.

Audit methodology:Self-evaluation
Creation date:August 6, 2020
Last check:August 6, 2020

Known accessibility problems

Listing and explanation of the problems encountered in implementing the accessibility of this website.

Non-accessible content

  • PDF documents created before September 23, 2018 could not yet be converted to a barrier-free format.
  • There are currently no subtitles or transcriptions available for embedded videos.
  • Currently, there is no textual description of how to get to a location using maps or map images.

Alternative ways of access

If you need access to PDF files that are not yet accessible, or if you need a video with subtitles, please contact the Webteam of the University Library

Help and contact if problems occur

You can report any lack of compliance with accessibility requirements and request a accessible version of information that does not have to be presented accessible.


Webteam of the University Library

Enforcement procedure

If a request for contact remains unanswered in whole or in part within six weeks, the responsible regulatory authority shall, at the request of the user, examine whether measures are necessary as part of the monitoring process regarding the obligated party.

Contact information of the authority responsible for the enforcement process:

Landesamt für Digitalisierung, Breitband und Vermessung

St.-Martin-Straße 47
81541 München