Doctoral theses service

Publishing doctoral theses

Doctoral regulations according to § 15 Abs. 4 Nr. 3 of the Rahmenpromotionsordnung (RPromO) of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg in the latest valid version

The doctoral theses service at the Main Library is responsible for all faculties apart from the School of Business and Economics.
The Economics and Social Sciences Branch Library is responsible for the School of Business and Economics.
The above mentioned offices will be able to assist with questions regarding the submission of the required copies of the doctoral thesis. Please direct general inquiries about the doctoral procedure or the doctoral thesis and for (for example publication ethics related) conflicts to your responsible Office of Doctoral Affairs or other support offices.

Please submit the approved blocking notice together with the publication contract. A retroactively submitted blocking notice cannot be accepted once the thesis has been published on OPUS FAU and is publicly accessible.
An extension to the blocking notice (for a maximum of one additional year) can be requested through the same form. Please submit the request for an extension of the first embargo period at least 30 days before the end of that embargo period. In order to be processed in time, the approved request form for the extended embargo must be submitted to the University Library at least 14 days before the initial embargo ends.

Submission of six printed copies, published by
  • FAU University Press (in accordance with § 15 Abs. 4 Nr. 3 of the RPromO in the latest valid version), or
  • a commercial publisher as a book with an ISBN number and the publisher confirms a minimum circulation of 150 copies if demand is sufficient (in accordance with § 15 Abs. 4 Nr. 1 RPromO).

Please send your printed copies to the department responsible for your faculty (see above) and include your email-address to receive a confirmation of receipt. A personal deposit during our office hours is also possible.

After upload in OPUS FAU or submission of all required copies at the Main Library or the Economics and Social Sciences Branch Library, a confirmation of submission will be issued and will be sent to the faculty’s Dean’s Office.
For doctoral theses that include a blocking notice (embargo) the confirmation will also be issued immediately, not after the end of the blocking period

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