Doctoral theses service

Publishing doctoral theses

Doctoral regulations according to § 15 Abs. 4 Nr. 3 of the RPromO in the latest valid version:

The doctoral theses service at the Main Library is responsible for all faculties apart from the School of Business and Economics.

The Economics and Social Sciences Branch Library is responsible for the School of Business and Economics. Doctoral candidates at the School should read the information sheet on submitting doctoral theses.

Publishing doctoral theses in electronic form

Upload in OPUS FAU at
Publication contract
Blocking notice

Publishing doctoral theses in print form

Submission of 6 printed copies published by FAU University Press or by a commercial publisher as a book with ISBN, provided that the publisher confirms a minimum print run of 150 copies in case of corresponding demand.

Only if the previous RPromO is applicable until February 20th 2019, transition period until June 30th 2019, it is possible to hand over independently printed or reproduced complete copies in paper form

The standard for all faculties is woodfree, acid-free, ageing-resistant paper in A5 format printed on both sides.
Woodfree, acid-free, ageing-resistant paper in A4 format printed on both sides is possible if desired.
The print copies for all faculties must be durably bound with stitched or with adhesive binding. Print on the binding is possible but not required.

Please note:

Metal parts on the spine, spiral binding or a plastic cover page are not permitted.

Publication options and number of copies

The available publication options and the required number of copies for each option are specified in each Faculty’s doctoral and habilitation regulations.

Confirmation of submission

After upload in OPUS FAU or submission of all required copies at the Main Library or the Economics and Social Sciences Branch Library, a confirmation of submission will be issued and will be sent to the faculty’s Dean’s Office.

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