Link server SFX

SFX is a link server. Starting from a reference in a given database or online catalogue, SFX provides context-sensitive links to other library-defined resources, thus greatly facilitating literature search.

The SFX button SFX-Logo in a database display in DBIS indicates that the database is linked to SFX.

Here you find a list of the online databases currently linked to SFX.

Clicking on the SFX button for a reference brings up an SFX menu window from which you  can select from a number of services that are relevant for that reference. These services are institution-specific and will lead only to those resources and services available from the target system.

Services offered in the SFX menu window may include

  • links to electronic full texts, if they are licensed for the University Library or free on the internet
  • a link to the Electronic Journals Library (EZB)
  • a link to Catalogue to check local holdings’ details and status
  • a link to the Bavarian Union Catalogue with the option of online interlibrary loan requests
  • links to an abstract or a table of contents
  • a link to the fee-based document delivery service Subito
  • a link to digital documents without copyright restriction
  • links to search engines
  • a link to an e-mail form for questions or suggestions

For further information please contact the SFX-Team of Erlangen-Nuremberg University Library or the Information desks.

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