FAUdok, the document delivery service

Logo FAUdokFAUdok is a free document delivery service which allows staff as well as students based at FAU to have chapters or articles from books or journal articles scanned and delivered electronically in agreement with copyright law. The article will be dispatched within a few days as a pdf file to download from a university server.

To prevent unauthorized access, the download is only possible via computers or IP addresses of the FAU. In order to be able to work temporarily from outside with an IP address of the university, you need access via the Virtual Private Network (VPN) of the Regional Computer Centre Erlangen (RRZE): or The Universiy Library recommends using Firefox.

What can be requested?

As a rule, you can request chapters/articles from printed books or journals held by the central libraries. Books held by branch libraries, however, may be unavailable.

At present the service is being offered for the libraries below:

  • Main Library
  • Science and Technology Branch Library
  • Economic and Social Sciences Branch Library
  • Educational Science Branch Library
  • Departmental Library Law (02JU)

For conservation reasons, it is not possible to request copies from pre-1900 books or from works in poor condition.

How do I place an order?

You can find detailed instructions on what to do in this document.

Who can give me support?

Please send us your question via our online inquiry service

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