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The lecture-free period begins - the University Library is adjusting its services from Monday, August 10th. Learning places can only be booked seven days in advance via the reservation system. Long-term booked places were often cancelled or not used, therefore the University Library has decided to s...

Main Library and Science and Technology Branch Library in Erlangen, Economics and Social Sciences Branch Library and Educational Science Branch Library in Nuremberg will open at 9:00 am on Monday, July 6. The University Library is thus meeting the increasing demand for extended opening hours during ...

As already announced in November 2019, the validity of the established library cards for external library users ends on Tuesday, June 2. If you want to continue using the services of the University Library, you have to get the new library card with integrated wallet. Your account will be charged on...

Some reading rooms in the Main Library, the Science and Technology Branch Library, the Economic and Social Sciences Branch Library, the Educational Sciences Branch Library and the Departmental Library Law (02JU) re-open to members of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU). The l...

For media that are not available at the University library, you can request an interlibrary loan.This service starts again. The interlibrary loan of books is free of charge.

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