AI Tools for literature research and academic writing

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Many students and researchers are already using them – tools with integrated artificial intelligence (AI for short). What can AI-supported tools do, what opportunities do they offer and where are their limitations?

AI tools can facilitate and accelerate the search for literature and usefully supplement the already familiar search paths in library catalogues and databases. There are already a large number of different AI tools and new tools are constantly being developed that offer different functionalities and applications. However, these AI-supported applications also come with limitations and problems that need to be taken into account during the research process. AI tools can provide valuable support for coming up with ideas and drafting texts but they are no substitute for human expertise, critical thinking and judgement.

The University Library offers training courses on the use of AI tools in academic work as well as a list of selected AI tools that can help you with literature searches and academic writing. The next event will take place as part of the Nuremberg Digital Festival on 5 July 2024 at 10 a.m.