How do you find out which e-books the University Library Erlangen-Nürnberg (UB) has on offer?

E-books can be found by searching the catalogue in the same way as printed books. A symbol Symbol Online Access in the catalogue indicates if a book is an e-book.

If you would like to use the catalogue to search specifically for e-books, choose ‘electronic resource’ under ‘publication type’. Drop-down menu: Electronic resource

From inside the university network, clicking on ‘full text’ will redirect you directly to the e-book.

Overview of providers in the Database Information System (DBIS)

By clicking ‘E-books‘ you can see an overview of all e-books available at the UB.

It is not possible to search for individual works by author/title via DBIS.

Information on the main providers’ conditions

Whether it is possible to access an e-book from outside the university network depends on the licensing agreements. You can find out how you can access specific e-books or e-book collections by clicking on the plus sign (plus) behind the access symbol (z1 e.g.) under ‘Verfügbar’ (available)’ in the detailed view of the e-book in DBIS or under ‘Die Datenbank ist…’ (the database is…) in the list of results.

If you want to access a licensed e-book directly via a link in the catalogue, you must be inside the university network [if you are outside the University you can access the network via virtual private network (VPN)], as the catalogue only includes direct links to the publishers’ websites that cannot be accessed from outside the network. Alternatively, you can use the link ‘Weitere lizenzierte Zugänge – Start-URL für den externen Zugriff’ (other licensed forms of access – start URL for external access’) for the e-book collection on the DBIS website and look for a specific e-book there.

E-books can often be saved and printed for personal use and for the purposes of teaching and research. However, they may not be given to third parties in electronic or printed form. Systematically downloading full e-books or large extracts, in particular using automated scripts is not permitted. Please read and adhere to the providers terms of use and licence agreements, and ensure you respect copyright.

Addition information