Printing, scanning & copying

Multi-function copiers, book scanners and microform scanners are available in the libraries. You can find out the locations of different devices through the Library Study Rooms Navigator.

You pay for printouts and copies with your FAUcard, Library Card, FAUcard for guests or Staff Copy Card. Some devices also accept coin payment. Machines for loading credit onto your FAUcard and for purchasing guest cards are available in the Main Library (first floor), the Economics and Social Sciences Branch Library (copy room) and the cafeterias operated by Student Services Erlangen-Nürnberg.

  • Printing
    You can send documents for printing to the multi-function copiers from all work stations with Internet access in the libraries. It is also possible to print documents from a USB stick (documents must be saved in PDF or JPG format).
  • Copying
    You can make copies of books and journals yourself using the multi-function copiers.
  • Scanning
    You can save digital copies on a USB stick using the multi-function copiers, microform scanners and book scanners free of charge.
    • The multi-function copiers have an automatic document feeder and can also send scans to your e-mail address.
    • There are special devices for scanning microfiches and microfilms (16mm and 35mm) with an enlargement of 7x to 54x and a resolution of 150 dpi to 600 dpi in the Main Library, the Economics and Social Sciences Branch Library (WSZB) and the Science and Technology Branch Library (TNZB).
    • The book scanners are particularly suitable for scanning books, journals and large documents such as maps quickly and without damaging them. They can scan documents up to 48cm x 36cm in size.

Please ensure you adhere to copyright restrictions when printing, copying and scanning.

Digitalised copies of books and other special media that require special protection (hand-written manuscripts, early printed books, drawings) can only be made upon request and in accordance with copyright restrictions. Fees are charged for these copies.

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