Intralibrary Loan

Intralibrary Loan is a service enabling users to have books and photocopies sent from other library branches. The libraries listed below take part in intralibrary loan:


  • Hauptbibliothek (HB) ) (= Main Library)
  • Technisch-naturwissenschaftliche Zweigbibliothek (TNZB)
    (= Science and Technology Branch Library)
  • Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliche Zweigbibliothek (WSZB)
    (= Economic and Social Sciences Branch Library)
  • Erziehungswissenschaftliche Zweigbibliothek (EZB)
    (= Educational Science Branch Library)

You may request, via intralibrary loan, all items marked “for order” on the online catalogue. Checked-out items may be reserved. As soon as a reserved item is received back, you will be sent a notification.

Materials requested via intralibrary loan need to be collected at the circulation desk of the library site you selected for delivery. All intralibrary loan borrowed materials should be returned to the circulation desk at the location you picked them up.

Please collect your requested items immediately, for storage space is scarce in some branch libraries.

Addition information