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Gateway Bayern

Gateway Bayern
Gateway Bayern is a shared catalogue for all libraries that are part of the Bavarian Library Network which enables other catalogues and databases to be included in searches.

The SFX link service provides context-based links related to the results, such as direct online access to full texts version of documents, and links for ordering media via local loan, interlibrary loan or document delivery services.
When you select your preferred library and log in with your user number, the services will be shown for this library.

Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue (KVK)

Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue
The KVK is not a database but a metasearch engine that enables users to search over  500 million books, journals and other media in the catalogues of libraries and publishers around the world. The query entered into the search engine is performed in many library catalogues at the same time and a list of results is shown for each. The KVK is dependent on the availability of external systems and only provides users with the functions that external systems provide.

Users can select which catalogues they wish to include in their search. Clicking on the short titles links to the original full title listings in the external systems. These are not processed further by the KVK.


Worldcat contains information on over 2 billion media held at 10,000 libraries all over the world. The list of results links users directly to the relevant library catalogues. After registering users can create their own search profile and use other personalised functions.

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