Archiving and publication of data

With RADAR the University Library (UB) enables members of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) to publish and archive research data of their completed scientific studies and projects. This applies across disciplines and refers in particular to data that form the basis of scientific papers and for which no discipline-specific repository is yet available.
Registration is done via the IdM Self Service of FAU. The data can then be stored via a web interface. RADAR offers the following features:
  • Archive and publish your data
  • Creating a temporary Peer Review Link
  • Storage of data including complete file and folder structure
  • Assignment of a persistent identifier (DOI)
  • Choice of access type for your data (private/sharing/public)
  • Choosing a license for your data
  • Metadata indexing for Discovery
  • Delayed publication of your data (maximum 12 months)
  • Long-term archiving of your data for the selected retention period in Germany
  • Link to publications resulting from it

For data storage in RADAR, the operating costs incurred are charged to the researchers by the UB. In the case of third-party funding, researchers can include expected data management and data storage costs in the funding application.

Zenodo is a large European repository that is run by CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research. Zenodo was developed as part of the EU program OpenAIRE. The repository can be used for a wide range of documents like slides, software code and documentation, reports or research data. All documents published or archived via Zenodo are assigned a DOI.

In general datasets can be uploaded to Zenodo free of charge if they are below 50 GB. For larger files the modalities have to be discussed with Zenodo. Research data can be published under a broad range of licences or the upload can stay restricted / closed access. If the data are merely archived, access to the datasets is only possible for those authorised by the author.

The metadata associated with each dataset are always freely available under a CC0 licence, irrespective of the access conditions to the dataset. Thus Zenodo cannot be used as a genuine dark archive for data. Also Zenodo only allows limited collaborative data curation. If these features are important to you consider the RADAR repository.

The FAU Zenodo Community is administrated by the Open Access Office of the university library. Members of FAU are welcome to publish their data via the community.

Addition information