How can i reserve media already borrowed by another user?

If you need literature that has been borrowed by another user, it is generally possible to reserve the respective medium through the catalogue.

  • Select the location where you want to pick up the medium first.
  • Search the catalogue for your desired medium.
  • Click on the medium. By doing so, you also receive an overview of potentially available duplicates.
  • Click on status; the medium will be reserved after you’ve entered your UB ID and your password.
  • If there is more than one copy available, you will receive the one which is available first.
  • If after a year, you still have not received the desired medium, your reservation will be deleted automatically – if you do not wish a deletion, you can enter a different deletion date manually via the calender.

After you reserved a medium, it is no longer possible for the current borrower to prolong the lending period of the medium. Please note that the return data for the medium is estimated and thus not final. The eventual availability of the medium depends on the timely return of the medium and other reservations.
An overview of your currently reserved media can be viewed online via your library account. Check Reservations to check the current status of your reserved books.

We will inform you through e-mail or in written form when the reservation is ready for you to pick up.
Notice for students: please bear in mind that the e-mail address used for e-mail exchange is by default your FAU student e-mail address. If you wish to have your e-mail sent to another private e-mail address, please add the new one to your user data in the catalogue.