What do I have to do if I have lost my library card?

In case you have lost your FAUcard, you can lock it online via the IdM homepage (or unlock it again if needed). Issuing of substitute cards is done by the FAUcard Service Counter. To issue a new card, please first request a substitute online via the IdM homepage.

Other library users have to notify a loss immediately at a information desk, so abuse by third persons can be prevented. After finding your library card again, we will gladly unlock your library account again.
For a fee of 5,00 €, we will also issue a new library card for you if needed.

For locking and unlocking the payment function of the FAUcard, an additional e-mail containing the FPM-ID of your FAUcard has to be provided to info@werkswelt.de. To be able to do so, we recommend making a note or a photo of the FPM number, which is located on the backside of the card, after issuing.