What happens if I don’t return my books in time?

We will send you an information e-mail before the deadline to remind you to return your media in time. Nevertheless, please check your personal account on a regular basis. There, you will find the current, binding lending periods of your media.
For students only: Please bear in mind that the e-mail address used for e-mail exchange is by default your FAU student e-mail address. If you wish to have your e-mail sent to another private e-mail address, please add the new one to your User Data in the catalogue.

Charge Collection Procedure
In case you’ve forgotten to return your media in time, we are obligated to charge you. The amount of the charges is according to the Bavarian Cost Law. After receiving the warning letter, please immediately return the requested media.
Otherwise, you risk additional, incremental charges.

Please pay outstanding fees at a payment terminal with your FAUcard, your OHMcard, your library card, or a guest card of the Studentenwerk.

Reclaim Procedure
Regarding members of the research staff, a reclaim procedure will be initiated after expiration of the deadline. If you fail to return media, you are liable to pay for the new literature that will be bought as substitute.