Fees and charges

Use of the Erlangen-Nuremberg University Library is generally free of charge. However, fees or charges are payable for certain administrative activities and types of use. The basis for this are the General Regulations on the Use of Bavarian Public Libraries (Allgemeine Benützungsordnung der Bayerischen Staatlichen Bibliotheken (ABOB) of 18.08.1993), the Cost Law (Kostengesetz) of 20.02.1998 and the List of Costs (Kostenverzeichnis) of 12.10.2001.

1. Reminders and Losses

1.1. Reminders – to be paid at the payment terminals

If borrowed works or objects are not returned on time, the University Library will request them back for a fee, stating that the loan period has expired.

1.1.11. Request for return (§ 18 Abs. 3 S. 1 ABOB)7,50 €
1.1.22. Request for return (§ 18 Abs. 3 S. 2 ABOB)10,00 €
1.1.33. Request for return / „Kleiner Bescheid“ plus expenses (§ 18 Abs. 4 S. 1 ABOB)20,00 €
1.1.44. Request for return / „Großer Bescheid“ plus expenses (§ 18 Abs. 5 S. 1 ABOB)37,00 €
1.1.5Expenses for registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt (third and fourth requests for return)5,50 €
1.1.6Reminder for amounts in arrears (List of Costs 1.I.7)5,00 €

1.2. Compensation for media damage – to be paid by bank transfer

The Library shall determine the nature of the damages at its reasonable discretion. In particular, it may require users to restore items to their former condition, procure a replacement copy, another equivalent work or a reproduction at its own expense, or determine an appropriate monetary compensation; it may also obtain compensation for the loss in value not offset by these measures. (§ 8 Abs. 3 S. 3 ABOB).

1.2.1Compensation according to §8 (3): case-by-case decisionvarying
1.2.2Administration fee (List of Costs 3.III.2/1)12,50 €
1.2.3Bindable copy per page DIN A4 b/w0,15 €
1.2.4Bindable copy per page DIN A4 colour0,30 €
1.2.5Binder costs (depending on the actual offer of the bookbinder)varying

1.3. Compensation for locker keys – to be paid by bank transfer

In case of loss or damage of keys for day lockers or permanent lockers, the University Library charges a replacement fee.

1.3.1Replacement of locking cylinder and key40,00 €
1.3.2Replacement of the key ring5,00 €
1.3.3Replacement of the locking mechanism70,00 €
1.3.4Clearing of the day lockers: Withholding of the deposit moneyvarying

2. Issuing the library card – to be paid at the payment terminals

Members of the Friedrich-Alexander-University (FAU) can activate their FAUcard as a library card.

2.1Issue of a library card for non-university users5,00 €
2.2Issue of a replacement card for non-university users (in case of loss)5,00 €

3. Interlibrary loan – to be paid at the payment terminals

Returnable media from German libraries are lent free of charge.

3.1Order of copies in the national interlibrary loan (in some cases: higher costs according to a prior cost estimate)1,50 €
3.2International interlibrary loan orders: according to the specifications of the supplier library, according to a prior cost estimate.varying

4. Digitization on request – to be paid by bank transfer

4.1Digital copy printed matter (JPG), per page1,00 €
4.2Digital copy manuscript (JPG), per page2,00 €
4.3Reproducible digital copy (minimum 300 dpi, TIFF), per page5,00 €
4.4Detail image (for example initial, book clasp)20,00 €
4.5Complex image (for example book spine, book cut, inclination adjustment)30,00 €
4.6Provision of digital copies of orders for download8,00 €
4.7Provision of digital copies of orders via data carrier (including shipping costs)8,00 €
4.8Fees for rights of use, per photograph130,00 €
1 In addition, a free file copy must be submitted.

The digitisation of media using the scanners provided in the public library rooms is self-service and free of charge.

5. Publication at FAU University Press – to be paid by bank transfer

5.1Publishing flat rate for purely electronic publication (e-only)20,00 €
5.2Publishing flat rate for hybrid publication (e-book and print-on-demand)60,00 €
5.3Printing costs according to previous quotation2varying
2 In addition, 22 free copies of the first edition (file copies, deposit copies, copies for exchange as well as copies for sale to booksellers) must be submitted.

6. Use of the RADAR data platform – to be paid by bank transfer

6.1Depending on the scope of data and the duration of archivingvarying

7. Commissioned research in fee-based databases – to be paid by bank transfer

7.1Forwarding of costs incurred (depending on data volume, duration and database used)varying

This list of fees is valid with effect from 2.12.2019.

Konstanze Söllner

Library Director University Library FAU Erlangen – Nuremberg

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