Funding requirements

The central Open Access Publishing Fund 2021 has been exhausted. Please use
alternative sources of funds (e.g., own or departmental budgets).

Please note:

for all grants starting on May 1, 2018, an author co-payment of 25% of the gross amount will be required.The University Library will initially transfer the full amount of the invoice and then issue the author with an invoice for 25% of the publication fee. Please check with your department/clinic whether financial support is available for the author co-payment

  • Funding can only be provided for articles for which a member of FAU (according to Section 17 BayHSchG) is responsible for paying publication fees in their capacity as submitting author or corresponding author. The majority of the academic work should come from FAU.
  • The invoice may not be issued to the University Hospital. Members of the Faculty of Medicine shall provide their FAU address on the invoice, for example “Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Faculty of Medicine, Chair of Internal Medicine”.
  • Within projects funded by third parties with mandatory open access policies, please use the project appropriations requested for open access: the fund is intended for authors with no opportunity for alternative funding options.
  • The articles to be published must appear in true open access journals which make their articles available to users online free of charge upon publication and which use strict quality assurance procedures that are recognised by the academic community of the subject of the journal. A list of the journals for which funding may generally be provided can be found in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). By default, journals must grant open licenses (for example, Creative Commons licenses) and may not claim exclusive rights (see also the DOAJ warning “Publisher’s own license”). This includes magazines from the Optical Society of America (OSA).
  • Funding cannot be provided for articles published according to the open choice model in journals requiring a subscription. In addition to Springer Open Choice this also includes, for example, Hogrefe OpenMind, ACS AuthorChoice, Wiley OnlineOpen and SAGE Choice.
  • The funding may only be used to cover publication costs which do not exceed 2000 euros per article. The publication costs are understood as the invoice amount including value added tax. There is no coverage of higher amounts, even if the author plans to pay the differential amount himself.
  • The funded Open Access articles may be uploaded and archived in OPUS FAU (collection “FAU-funded open access articles”) by the University Library.

Procedure for payment of invoices:

After receiving the invoice, the author should email the invoice, along with any information required to check that the funding requirements are met (article title, journal, publisher, costs including/excluding VAT), to the Open Access Department

The author will then receive a response as to whether the article is eligible for funding and whether funding is available. Unfortunately there is no guarantee of cover for all costs; there are procedures to ensure the fair distribution of means.

The invoice will be settled via bank transfer from the open access publishing fund within two to three weeks. Please inform us if payment is required within a shorter time frame.

Addition information