Are there alternatives for Interlibrary Loan?

One alternative would be ordering media via subito.
Subito is a nationwide, fee-based document delivery service of academic libraries. Users may order copies from journals or books there quick and simple. You can also loan books via subito.

What does Interlibrary Loan cost?

Within Germany, ordering books via Interlibrary Loan is free.
A copyright fee of 3.50 Euros will be charged for copies of articles from books or journals.
Ordering media internationally will amount to a higher fee. The teams at the interlibrary loan desks will inform you.

Am I restricted in my usage of Interlibrary Loan media in some way?

The library sending us a medium can determine how the user may use it (for example “only for usage in the reading rooms”, “copying only by library staff”, “prohibition of copying for conservation reasons”)
The university library has to comply to these conditions and instruct its users accordingly.

Can I extend the lending period when it comes to interlibrary loans?

If you can or cannot extend your lending period, depends in these cases on the library that sent us your book. If the lending library agreed to such procedure in general, you can extend the lending period via the catalogue.

How long can I keep Interlibrary loans?

How long you can keep an interlibrary loan is dependant on the library that provided the book. There is no uniform regulation about this.
In most cases, this period is four weeks, but in some cases it can be much shorter.

To what extent may the university library provide copies from books and journals via Interlibrary Loan to its users?

According to §60e German Copyright Law, the university library may provide paper copies consisting out of up to 10% of a medium.
Articles from professional or scientific journals may be provided as a whole.
On the other hand, the delivery of individual articles from newspapers or general-interest or newsstand magazines (for example Der Spiegel or Focus) is not permitted.

How can I find out if my order has arrived yet?

We will notify you via e-mail when your order is ready to pick up.
At times, we will ask for supplementary information on your order, or simply inform you that we could not provide you with the medium you needed.
In case we do not have your email address, we will put a note to the service desk you have ordered the medium to. In this case, please ask at the service desk regularly if there is a message waiting for you.

An overview over your current Interlibray Loan orders can be found at your library account. Book orders go under Orders, copies from media under ILL: copies/e-books.

When can I come pick up my delivery?

Your orders will wait for you for 10 days at the service desk of your chosen pick-up location.
Papers for non-commercial use can be picked up for 8 weeks at the service desk of your chosen pick-up location.

Each order will only be handed out after showing your FAUcard/Library Card.
Unclaimed books will be returned, unclaimed copies of articles will be destroyed. Any costs that were generated in the process will be the user‘s to bear.

How long does it take until my Interlibrary Loan arrives?

The delivery can depend on the time to single out your book from the stack and its availability. Accordingly, it can be delivered slowly or quicky.
On average, the time for a delivery from within Germany is 10 days.

How do I order a copy from a journal?

Please mind the following manual which will guide you through the process of ordering a copy from a journal via Interlibrary Loan step-by-step: