About the history of FAU

The digital collection ″About the history of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg″ (FAU) includes historical publications dealing with the individual and institutional history of the university that reaches back to 1743, the founding year of the university.
In the context of the exhibition “Die Hohenzollern und die FAU – Vergangenheit und Gegenwart” on the occasion of the anniversary “275 years FAU” in November 2018, the most important statutes and documents on the founding of the university were digitized and included in the collection, such as

  • the “Special Privileges and Pardons […]” of Frederic III, Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth, for his State University (H62/CIM.A 14)
  • the “[Privilege of Emperor Charles VII. for the Establishment of the Friedrich University]” (H62/CIM.A 16)
  • the Donation Letter of Margrave Friedrich Christian Brandenburg-Bayreuth on 18000 florin for the University of Erlangen (H62/CIM.A 5)
  • as well as the statutes of the four faculties (Faculty of Law, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Theology; H62/CIM.A 1-4)
  • and the first volume of “Register about the Students of Noble and middle-class origin accepted at the Royal Friedrich University of Bayreuth and Erlangen“ (H62/MS.D 30-1).

    There is also important material from the library and the archive of the Nuremberg University in Altdorf, which was closed in 1809. This collection contributes interesting aspects concerning the history of the university.

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