18th century printings

VD18 Logo DFGThe University Library is indexing and digitising 3.250 of its German 18th century printings within the programme ″Indexing and Digitisation″ financially supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. The project focuses on selected works of the library of the 18th century physician and scientist Christoph Jakob Trew, which is one of the largest private collections of science books in German-speaking countries.
The books show the development of the different natural science disciplines as well as Trew′s remarkable interest in further topics such as horticulture and housekeeping. The collection is considered to be of high importance for the research in historical questions.
Christian Masius (1711-1787), associate professor of philosophy in Erlangen, bequeathed his library to the University Library. Masius mainly collected works about natural right, but also works of contemporary philosophy, theology, history and Hebrew literature. The Masius Library focusses on works of Enlightenment with important core literature and a lot of complementing works. His books are also an important part in this project.

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