17th century printings

VD17-SammlungWithin the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Funding Programme ″Kulturelle Überlieferung – Aktionslinie Digitalisierung der in nationalen Verzeichnissen nachgewiesenen Drucke – VD 16 / VD 17″ the University Library is digitising 5,700 of its German printings from the 17th century. 70 percent are displayed online for the first time within this project.

The collection ″17th century printings″ contains in particular occasional literature, academic writings and natural scientific works of the library of Christoph Jakob Trew, a famous academic from Nuremberg. It also includes Hebraic and philological titles, being collected by Johann Christoph Wagenseil.

The collection is considered to be of high importance for the research in historical questions. Occasional literature was written and published on particular occasions like the birthday, marriage, or death (funeral sermons, obituaries) of a person by members of the family or friends.

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