How can I place an order?

  • Search for the journal/book you are looking for in the online catalogue (OPACplus):
  • Click on the item you want to request and go to „Get document“. You can now expand your search to other available services like FAUdok by clicking on the SFX button.

  • To proceed to the FAUdok service, please click on „Order via local catalogue, FAUdok or Interlibrary Loan“.
  • Select your preferred FAU Library branch and log in with your UB ID (User number) and password.
  • If the item is available for FAUdok services, an online request form will pop up automatically. Fill in the author, title of the article and page numbers.
    For journals, fill in the year of publication and/or volume.
  • To submit the order, please check the box declaring non-commercial use („urheberrechtliche Erklärung“) and click on „submit FAUdok order”.
  • Once your scan is available for download as PDF, you will receive an email with a link to download your file. You have 20 days to download the PDF from the server.
  • Downloads are only possible from within the university network. To access your document from home, you need to be connected to the university network via a VPN client, which can be obtained from the data centre (RRZE):

What can I order via FAUdok?

You can order scans from scholarly journals and books held at the following FAU Library sites:

  • Main Library (HB)
  • Science and Technology Branch Library (TNZB)
  • Economic and Social Sciences Branch Library (WSZB)
  • Educational Science Branch Library (EZB)
  • Departmental Libraries: Law (02JU), Theology (01), Educational Science, Philosophy, Psychology (04PA), Political Science, Social Science, Economics (05), History, Classical Studies, Fine Arts (06), Modern Languages, Literature and Linguistics, Theatre & Media Studies (07)

Due to German copyright guidelines, you can order a maximum of 10% of a book via FAUdok.
For the sake of document preservation, only journals and books published after 1900 are available via FAUdok.


How will I receive my scan?

After submitting your request, it will take a couple of days for our staff to create your scans.
Your scan will be made available to you as a downloadable PDF file. We will email you a link to download your file. You have 20 days to download the PDF from the server.

Who can order via FAUdok?

All students and staff at FAU can order scans from scholarly journals and books for the purpose of research and teaching.