How to get the literature I found in the catalogue?

Each hit in the catalogue will show you what options you have for loaning and ordering. The most important options are:

  • available for loan: This is for media that you can pick up from the shelves by yourself. After picking up, you can lend them at a circulation desk.
  • for order: This is for media that are stored at a stack or are currently at other locations. To obtain them, you have to order them at first. They will then – after a certain amount of time that will be displayed to you during ordering – be ready for you to pick them up at the location you chose. Please mind the notes regarding Intralibrary Loan.
  • not for loan: This is for media that has to be present at the library at all times, and thus cannot be borrowed by anyone. These media can only be read within the reading room. If you would like to, it may be possible for you to copy some pages out of them.
  • available for loan, see in which branch via “copies” in detailed view: This is for media that is neither available at the location you have chosen nor possible to be ordered to your location. Therefore, you have to visit the location of the medium by yourself.