All down-“hill” from now? Get exam-ready at the library!

Studierende lernen im Lesesaal der Hauptbibliothek

At the university library you will find a suitable study environment to prepare for your next exam. The study room navigator helps you find your favourite seat, depending on whether you prefer to work in a group or alone, are looking for a study space in Nuremberg, at the Technical Faculty in Erlangen, in the main library or in one of the many branch libraries.

At the Main Library and at the Technical and Scientific Branch Library all FAU members have the option to reserve study spaces seven days in advance. The reservation system allows you to select and reserve a seat for your desired time slot.

To guarantee that all library patrons can study in a concentrated and undisturbed manner, there are codes of conduct at the FAU libraries. You can find these rules on notice boards in the respective library locations. The notices refer to quiet areas and where eating and drinking is allowed on the premises. In the main library, you can use break discs during the exam preparation phase to occupy your seat when you leave your desk for a short break, which may last a maximum of one hour.