FAU Publications Fund starts with new criteria

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New eligibility criteria will apply to the University’s Publications Fund as of January, 27, 2023: The new cost cap is € 3,000 gross for Open Access Article-Processing Charges (APC) instead of the previous € 2,000 gross.
In addition, there is a change in the authors’ own contribution: There is now a fixed cost subsidy of max. € 1,500 for all articles to be funded. This means that APCs up to and including €1,500 gross will be financed entirely from the FAU Publications Fund, without any necessary author contribution. For a higher APC (1,501 € to 3,000 €), the author must pay the difference up to 1,500 € himself or herself. For an APC above € 3,000, there is no funding at all.
The above-mentioned new regulations only affect the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) Publications Fund. For the DFG-project funds articles and books, the previous regulations continue to apply.