What is a shelfmark?

The shelfmark indicates the exact location of a book within the library collection. It consists of letters and/or numbers, and is usually generated following this rule:
Location (separated from the rest by a slash /) + book-specific part
The first „location“ part shows you at which library you can find the medium.

Examples for shelfmarks at the University Library Erlangen-Nürnberg (UB):
H00/2007 A 1236 (Location: Main Library, Stack)
T35/2000-54 (Location: Science and Technology Branch Library, Dissertations)
10GB/WT 1004 B959 (Location: Biology Departmental Library)

For information on all the locations at the UB and where to find them, please refer to Locations & Opening Hours.

The shelfmark is usually applied to the back of the book.