The external login to access CD-ROMs or databases doesn’t work.

  • Have you entered everything correctly? Please check if you maybe have pressed capslock by accident.
  • Have you recently requested a new password for the catalogue?
    If that is the case, you first have to log into the catalogue using your new password, before you can use it for external access to databases.
  • Is your FAUcard, respectively your library card, still valid?
    Please mind the FAQ regarding the validity.
  • Have you set a more-than-12-digit password by chance?
    The catalogue password needs to consist at least 8, and at most 12 characters.
    At login to the catalogue, you cannot enter a password with more than 12 characters. Entering more than this will result in the extra characters not being recognized. The external login screen, however, allows for more than 12 characters at login.
    If your passwort logging onto the server consists of 14 signs, it gets into conflict with the catalogue’s demand of an maximal 12 character long password, and will thus be declined.