I’ve found an e-book on the catalogue, but I can’t access the text from my computer at home. What is the reason for that?

Usually, the catalogue presents you links leading directly to the webpages of the books‘ publishers. If you as user are allowed to view the text, is determined through your IP address. This means you have to be within the University Network to access e-books.
As a member of Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), you can do so using a VPN client. After logging onto the VPN you can access the full text by clicking the link from the catalogue.

Alternatively, you can use the Database Information System (DBIS) to look for e-books. At DIBS, you can access e-books from outside the University Network by clicking the link written next to Weitere lizensierte Zugänge (Other licensed access). Log in using your UB-ID or library card number and your password.