How to find literature at the catalogue concerning a specific topic?

At the catalogue, specific literature research is possible using title and/or keyword search.

Using the field Free search, you can look for title and subject headings at the same time, without determining if you meant the title of the work or its concerning topic (Subject Heading).

  • A Title Word is a word that has to be included in the book’s title, meaning it is written in its respective language and grammatically correct form.
    Abbreviations can also be used marked with the truncation mark *, for example automat* can be used to find hits such as automat, automatic, automatisch …
  • A Subject Heading is a normed term (mostly in German and in singular form) that descibes the content of the medium, independently of its title.
    For example: Using the subject heading “tropischer Regenwald”, you will find a book called “Brazil and climate change”.