Can I print out the results of my literature research, or at least save them to my computer?

The possibilities of further processing the results of your research depend on where you want to continue your literature research:

  • Using the library catalogue:
    Every hit from the list can be stored in a list by clicking Save in list you can see if you access the detail viewpage of a medium. You can print out this list, send it via e-mail, or save it as a list of interest with an individual file title to your account – after logging in.
    Items from the Primo Discovery can only to saved to a Temporary List.
  • Using a database:
    Many databases offer the function to save research results, send them by e-mail, or save them to an account. Please follow the guidelines of the specific database for further information.
  • Using CD-ROM databases:
    You can save results of your research, print them out, or have them sent to you via e-mail. A manual on how to export data from the CD-ROM server can be found here in German:

Printing out the results of your research may not be possible at every location in the library.