Electronic delivery of interlibrary loan articles

Schreiben analog und digital
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Starting February 1st, copies of articles ordered via interlibrary loan will be delivered electronically. You will receive a link via email which allows you to download the PDF documents. The download link expires after 40 days. This makes the interlibrary loan delivery of articles much faster and more convenient. Picking up a paper copy is only necessary if

  • you have not provided an email address when signing up for your library account
  • the supplying library does not participate in the electronic delivery system
  • licence agreements prohibit electronic delivery
  • it is an article delivery from a foreign library via the international interlibrary loan system.

You can add an e-mail address to your library account via our library catalogue; if you need assistance, our staff is happy to help you either in person or via our online inquiry system.

Authors are entitled to receive fair compensation for their works. Therefore, from 1 February 2024, a copyright levy of EUR 3.50 must be paid for each interlibrary loan copy delivery within Germany. The copyright levy replaces the previous interlibrary loan fee of EUR 1.50 for paper copies.

Borrowing printed books via interlibrary loan continues to be free of charge within Germany.