Guided Library Tour: TNZB Erlangen

Datum / Date: 25. Oktober 2022
Uhrzeit / Time:
12:30 - 13:00 Uhr

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Zielgruppe / Target audience: International students and staff, Studierende

Überblick / Summary

For students at FAU, the University Library offers the possibility to get to know our locations and services on-site. These guided tours take place at the four big branches of the University Library in Erlangen and Nuremberg.


You will get answers to many questions concerning the Science and Technology Branch Library Erlangen.
Address: Erwin-Rommel-Str. 60, 91058 Erlangen

  • How do I activate my FAUcard for library use?
  • Where can I find the most important textbooks and reference works for my subject area?
  • How do I find a desk in the reading rooms of the library?
  • Where can I find printers, scanners and copying machines?



Dauer / Duration: 30 Minuten

Anmeldung / Registration: keine Anmeldung erforderlich

Treffpunkt / Meeting point: entrance area of the library

Mindestanzahl Teilnehmer / Minimum number of participants: 3