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Biomass utilization: Conversion strategies / Nhuan Phu Nghiem, Tae Hyun Kim, Chang Geun Yoo, editors. – Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2022]. – ix, 245 Seiten : Illustrationen, 507 grams
This book focuses on the technologies developed for the conversion of all three biomass components, i.e. cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, and their constituents, to fuels and high-value products. Both biochemical and thermochemical approaches are reviewed. Additionally, the developed technologies are described in detail and their potential applications as well as their commercial status are discussed. The early attempts to produce fuel ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass feedstock focused
solely on the biological conversion of cellulose because the only organism that had been used successfully for commercial production of ethanol, i.e. Saccharomyces cerevisiae, could only ferment glucose, which was obtained from the hydrolysis of cellulose. Hemicellulose and lignin were considered as wastes in these processes and were normally removed in pretreatment processes to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis of the remaining cellulose.However, this approach was not economically feasible and as a
result, the biorefinery concept was developed. In a biorefinery, in addition to ethanol, various higher-value products are produced from hemicellulose and lignin, which were previously not considered. Consequently, technologies were developed for the fractionation of biomass and conversion of hemicellulose and lignin to fuels and high-value products to improve the economic feasibility.Written and edited by a team of investigators with many years of experience in biomass processing research and
development, this book is an informative resource for postgraduate students and researchers interested in biorefinery and biofuel technologies both in academia- and commercial laboratories. – Chapter 1. Introduction (Dr. Nhuan Nghiem1); Chapter 2. Fractionation strategies (Dr. Tae-Hyun Kim2); Chapter 3. Biochemical conversion of cellulose (Dr. Daehwan Kim4*, Dr. Youngmi Kim5, Dr. Sun Min Kim6); Chapter 4. Biochemical conversion of hemicellulose (Dr. Ryan Stoklosa7); Chapter 5. Biochemical
conversion of lignin (Dr. Nhuan Nghiem1); Chapter 6. Thermochemical conversion of cellulose and hemicellulose (Dr. Anh Nguyen8* and Dr. Ly Trinh9) ; Chapter 7. Thermochemical conversion of lignin (Dr. Charles Mullen10); Chapter 8. Material application of lignin (Dr. Chang Geun Yoo3); Chapter 9. TEA for evaluating biorefinery strategies (Dr. Deepak Kumar3)
ISBN 978-3-031-05834-9
T00/ciw 6.5-177

CO2 conversion and utilization : photocatalytic and electrochemical methods and applications / edited by Zhicheng Zhang. – Weinheim, Germany : Wiley-VCH, [2023]. – xiii, 345 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme, 24.4 cm x 17 cm
ISBN 3-527-35202-3 – ISBN 978-3-527-35202-9
Schlagwort: Kohlendioxid, Elektrochemie
Schlagwort: Kohlendioxid, Fotokatalyse
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T00/ciw 10.8-62

Design of pressure vessels / edited by Subhash Reddy Gaddam. – First edition. – Boca Raton ; London ; New York : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2021. – xiii, 234 Seiten : 234 mm
1. Introduction 2. Material 3. Mechanical Design Basics 4. Pressure Vessel Design Basics 5. Internal Pressure 6. External Pressure 7. Discontinuity Stresses 8. Local Stresses 9. Thermal Stresses 10. Flat Plate Components 11. Supports 12. Wind and Earthquake 13. Flanges 14. Vibration 15. Expansion Joint
ISBN 978-0-367-55066-0 – ISBN 978-0-367-55064-6
T00/ciw 7.2-117

Grunwald, Jan ¬[Verfasser]:
Entwicklung, Auslegung und Aufbau eines kontinuierlich betriebenen Hochdruck-Hochtemperatur-Reaktorsystems zur Herstellung von Benzin-und Dieselkaftstoff durch die Hydrierung von TCR-Öl® aus biogenen Reststoffen / Jan Grunwald. – 1. Auflage. – Oberhausen : Verlag Karl Maria Laufen, [2023]. – XVI, 134 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme, 21 cm x 14.8 cm, 300 g. – (Umsicht-Schriftenreihe ; Band 103)
Dissertation, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, 2023
ISBN 978-3-87468-505-4 – ISBN 3-87468-505-5
H00/2021 A 6565

Grünert, Wolfgang:
Catalysis at surfaces / Wolfgang Grünert, Wolfgang Kleist, Martin Muhler. – Berlin ; Boston : De Gruyter, [2023]. – XI, 695 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme, 24 cm x 17 cm. – (De Gruyter graduate)
ISBN 978-3-11-063247-7
Schlagwort: Katalyse, Oberflächenreaktion, Oberflächenchemie
RVK: VE 7040
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T00/ciw 7.2-115
T00/ciw 7.2-115+2

McQuiston, Faye C.:
Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning : analysis and design / Faye C. McQuiston, Jerald D. Parker, Jeffrey D. Spitler, Hessam Taherian. – Seventh edition. – Hoboken, New Jersey : Wiley, [2024]. – xi, 624 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme, 1235 grams
ISBN 978-1-119-89414-8
Schlagwort: Klimatechnik, Lüftung, Heizung
T00/ciw 8.6-66(7)

Methane conversion routes : status and prospects / edited by Vladimir Galvita and René Bos. – London, UK : Royal Society of Chemistry, [2024]. – xv, 360 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme, 234 mm. – (RSC green chemistry series ; 76)
Methane Valorization Processes: Challenges and Achievements;Turquois Hydrogen: Methane Pyrolysis as a Low-CO2 Source of H2;Syngas-free Methane-to-Methanol via Catalysis and Oxygen Looping;Conversion of Methane to Acetylene;Homogeneously Catalysed Functionalization of Methane;Methane Pyrolysis for CO2-free Hydrogen Production;Biological Methane Conversion;The Potential of Chemical Looping Solutions for Direct Methane Conversion;Process Intensification Opportunities for Direct Methane
Valorisation;Separations in Processes for Methane Conversion;Methane Direct Conversion: An Industrial View;Concepts of Methane Activation
ISBN 978-1-78801-430-4
T00/ciw 6.2-117

Microalgae-Based Systems : Process Integration and Process Intensification Approaches / edited by Eduardo Jacob-Lopes, Rosangela Rodrigues Dias and Leila Queiroz Zepka. – 1. Auflage. – Berlin : De Gruyter, [2023]. – XV, 509 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme, 24 cm x 17 cm. – (De Gruyter STEM)
ISBN 3-11-078125-5 – ISBN 978-3-11-078125-0
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T00/ciw 14.5.1-13

Microalgal biomass for bioenergy applications / edited by Jeyabalan Sangeetha, Devarajan Thangadurai. – Cambridge, MA : Elsevier, WP, Woodhead Publishing, [2024]. – xxv, 439 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme, 229 mm. – (Woodhead series in bioenergy)
SECTION I Bioprospecting Microalgae: Availability, Suitability and Potentiality for Biofuel Applications 1. Microalgal Biofuels: From Biomass to Bioenergy 2. Microalgal Based Biofuels: Sources, Benefits and Constraints; SECTION II From Biomass to Biofuel: Conversion Technologies and Process Development in Microalgal Bioenergy Sector 3. Microalgal Farming for Biofuel Production: Extraction, Conversion and Characterization 4. Microalgal Biodiesel Properties Based on Fatty Acid Profiles: Modelling,
Design and Optimization of Production Conditions 5. FAME Analysis of Microalgal Biomass from Waste Stabilization Ponds for Biofuel Purposes 6. Microalgal Liquid, Solid, and Gaseous Biofuels: Cultivation and Production Strategies for Biofuel Accumulation 7. Chemical, Biochemical and Thermochemical Conversion of Microalgal Biomass into Biofuel Generation 8. Biofuel Recovery from Microalgal Biomass through Hydrothermal Liquefaction 9. Hydrothermal Gasification of Microalgal Biomass for Bioenergy
Applications 10. Microalgae Derived Biofuel Production via Nanocatalysis 11. Biodiesel Production from Microalgal Resources – Harvest and Post-Harvest Technologies; SECTION III Microalgal Biofuels: Renewable, Sustainable, and Commercial Applications 12. Biofuels from Diatoms: A Sustainable Bioenergy Source in Post-Fossil Fuel Era 13. Microalgae as Sustainable Feedstock for Biofuel Production and Value-Added Coproducts 14. Microalgal Based Biodiesel and Its Lifecycle Assessment; SECTION IV
Phycofuel Processing Technology: Technological Limitations and Future Perspectives 15. Biofuels from Microalgae: Growing Conditions, Cultivation Strategies, and Technical and Commercial Challenges 16. Developments, Challenges and Future Perspectives in Renewable Bioenergy Production using Microalgae 17. Cutting-Edge Approaches for Overcoming Challenges in Microalgal Biodiesel Production 18. Genetic Engineering of Microalgae for Production of Biofuels: Recent Progress and Practical Limitations
ISBN 978-0-443-13927-7
T00/ciw 14.5.3-14

Microbial degradation and detoxification of pollutants / edited by Maulin P. Shah. – Berlin ; Boston : De Gruyter, [2023]. – XI, 304 Seiten : Illustrationen, 25 cm, 668 g. – (Sustainable water and wastewater treatment ; volume 2)
ISBN 3-11-074327-2 – ISBN 978-3-11-074327-2
Schlagwort: Abwasserreinigung, Bioremediation, Erdöl, Nanotechnologie, Nitrate, Schwermetall
RVK: WK 6600
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T00/ciw 10.5-182

Sadus, Richard J.:
Molecular simulation of fluids : theory, algorithms, object-orientation, and parallel computing / Richard J. Sadus. – Second edition. – Amsterdam, Netherlands : Elsevier, [2024]. – xviii, 597 Seiten : 229 mm
1. Introduction 2. Ensembles, Thermodynamic Averages, and Particle Dynamics 3. Intermolecular Pair Potentials and Force Fields 4. Ab Initio, Two-Body and Three-Body Intermolecular Potentials 5. Calculating Molecular Interactions 6. Monte Carlo Simulation 7. Integrators for Molecular Dynamics 8. Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics 9. Molecular Simulation of Ensembles 10. Molecular Simulation of Phase Equilibria 11. Molecular Simulation and Object-Orientation 12. Parallel Computing using GPUs and
MPI Appendix: Software User’s Guide
ISBN 978-0-323-85398-9
T00/ciw 2-438(2)

Umwelttechnik : ein Lehr- und Übungsbuch / Karl Schwister (Hrsg.). – München : Hanser, [2023]. – XVIII, 540 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme, Karten, 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-446-45854-3 – ISBN 3-446-45854-9
Schlagwort: Umweltschutz
Schlagwort: Umwelttechnik
RVK: AR 26640
RVK: WK 6000
RVK: AR 14300
T00/ciw 10-503

Wagner, Enno:
¬Das System Brennstoffzelle : Wasserstoffanwendungen ganzheitlich entwickeln / Enno Wagner. – München : Hanser, [2023]. – VI, 359 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme, 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-446-47260-0 – ISBN 3-446-47260-6
Schlagwort: Brennstoffzelle, Wasserstoff, Anwendung
Schlagwort: Brennstoffzelle, Wasserstoffwirtschaft, Energietechnik, Arbeitsmaschine, Energiewende
RVK: ZN 8750
RVK: ZP 4150
T00/ciw 8.8.4-84

Zierep, Jürgen:
Grundzüge der Strömungslehre : Grundlagen, Statik und Dynamik der Fluide / Jürgen Zierep, Karl Bühler. – 12., überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage. – Wiesbaden, Germany : Springer Vieweg, [2023]. – XIII, 246 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme. – (Lehrbuch)
ISBN 978-3-658-42222-6
Schlagwort: Strömungsmechanik
RVK: UF 4000
T20/ciw 2-86(12)
T80/4 E 13(12)
T80/4 E 13(12)+2
T80/4 E 13(12)+3