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Support from the University Library


The University Library (UB) can provide you with support for all matters related to the life cycle of digital research data, from the initial planning stage through to the end of your project. This includes:

  • Research
    Where and how can you search for data on your research project and what is the correct way of citing it?
  • Planning
    Which data are you likely to generate in your project and how should it be structured, organised and protected during and after the project?
  • Description
    Which standards are there for metadata and which tools are available for data visualisation?
  • Data publication
    Which opportunities and requirements exist with regard to publishing research data?
  • Access
    Should your research data be made publicly available and, if so, should it be published in full or in part, and who should receive access and when (e.g. after an embargo)?
  • Terms of use
    Which licence models are there and what rights do they grant users?
  • Data formats
    Which data formats are most suitable for permanent archiving and how long must data be saved for (systematic deletion)?

The UB offers individual consultation sessions and group training courses. We can help you to find the best solution to meet your research requirements.

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