Searching & borrowing

How to Order an Article via FAUdok


Description of the ordering process

  1. First search for the title in the catalogue of the University Library or Gateway Bayern. This can be either the title of a journal, book or an article from the discovery service “Primo, articles & more“.
  2. Click on your hit and select the tab “Get document”.
    Screenshot of the tab Get Document from the catalogue of the University Library Erlangen-Nürnberg. The tab Get Document is highlighted, an arrow points to the sfx button. You now have the option of using the SFX button to call up additional services.
  3. If your researched title is a printed version of a scientific journal or book, you will be offered the service in the SFX window that opens.
    Screenshot of the SFX-Menue. The selection list for the home library is shown, to which you must assign yourself in order to be able to place your order.
  4. Select your library.
  5. Log in with your user number and password.Screenshot of the login mask with user number and password
  6. If the title is available for delivery via FAUdok, you will be forwarded directly to the order form. The data already available are automatically transferred to the order form as far as possible. If necessary, add the author or title of the article and the page numbers.
  7. Remember: You can only order a small part of a book (no more than 15% of the total number of pages).

    Please note that for journals, the year of publication and/or the volume must also be specified.
    Screenshot of the input mask for year and volume of the required journal

  8. To complete your order you have to agree to the copyright declaration (urheberrechtliche Erklärung)and click on the button “FAUdok-Bestellung abschicken”.

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