Can I pick up media from the open access and textbook collection in the Educational Science Branch Library myself?

In the Educational Sciene Branch Library (EZB) media from the open access collection (P25, P30) and the textbook collection (P80) are currently not freely accessible. The books must be ordered via the catalogue and can be collected from the circulation desk on the next working day.
Deliveries to one of the other three central libraries are also possible.

How to order a book from the locations in the Theological Seminar Building?

Media from the Departmental Libraries in the Theological Seminar Building (01TH) can be ordered in the catalogue, if you choose the Departmental Library Political Science (05PO) as pick-up location, Kochstr. 4.

Since these libraries have not been lending libraries so far, the order can only be made via a “stack request” in the online catalogue.

  • Search for the title in the catalog and follow the instruction to open an additional catalog session in the individual display of the hit.
  • Then log in with your UB-ID and password.
  • Please fill in the signature field, enter the title and send the data.
  • Automatically you will be assigned to the pick-up location. Please confirm the pick-up location.

Please note that “stack requests” are only visible in your account after borrowing the item.

Is it possible to use the public photocopiers and book scanners?

Photocopiers and book scanners are available either in the libraries or in rooms open to the public. There, limited copying/printing is possible in compliance with the general rules of spacing. You can print your files (pdf only) from a USB stick.

In the Main Library, the three Branch Libraries and the Departmental Library Law, there will again be computer workstations for research, download and printing available from Monday, 10 August.

Can I attend trainings?

For the time being, classroom training is not possible, the university library is currently compiling e-tutorials.

The Digital Humanities Lab offers an online series. You can also gain first experiences with the referenc management software Endnote and Citavi in an online training course.

Can I use the public computer workstations?

From Monday, August 10, seven computer workstations requiring reservation and 11 workstations for short-term use will be made available in the Main Library for research, download and printing. In the Science and Technology Branch Library, two workstations for research, download and printing will be made available for short-term use, in the Economic and Social Sciences Branch Library and the Educational Science Branch Library one workstation each.

In the Departmental Library Law (02JU) five computer workstations requiring reservation will be made available.

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