Can I order articles via interlibrary loan?

Due to the current situation and the associated library closures, all interlibrary loan services have been discontinued throughout Germany. Unfortunately, you are not able to order journal articles via interlibrary loan at the moment.

Can I reserve borrowed books?

You can reserve borrowed books at any time.

Can I pick up ordered media?

Media that you have ordered and that are provided for you can be borrowed within three days after reopening.

Can I still order books?

Books cannot be ordered during the closing time. This also applies to orders from other libraries

How can I pay fees now?

It is not possible to pay fees during the closing time.

My loans cannot be renewed, how do I proceed?

Please follow the news on the homepage regularly. After reopening, borrowed media can be returned within three days.

Where can I return my books?

Borrowed books cannot be returned while the University Library is closed. Please renew your loans via the catalogue.

What is my library card number and password

The library card number is an 11-digit number. You will find the library card number on your FAUcard or your library card starting with 028 … or 056 … (for library users who have registered with their OHMcard).
The password is preset to the day, month and year of your birthday, for example 17051982, which is an identification feature to protect your personal data from unauthorized access.
Please change this password in the catalogue via the function Account / Renewal – Personal Data – Change Password to a personal password. The new password needs to consist of at least 8 and at most 12 characters. . You can use letters, numbers and special characters – with the exception of backslash \ and asterisk = star *. Please note that the password is case-sensitive.
We recommend that you change your password regularly.

The loan period for my book has expired

You can continue to renew borrowed media online.

Log in to the catalogue with your library card number and password on the Account / Renewal tab. The account balance shows all borrowed media. You now have the possibility to extend the loan period of individual items or to renew the entire account. Please note that you can only renew media ten working days before the loan period ends.