How do I cite research data or research software?

Citation styles differ depending on subject and publisher.
Ask your colleagues or your publisher in advance, or consult a guidebook on scientific research dealing with the conventions of your subject.
An example on how to quote data in a bibliography would be the following (according to a recommendation by FORCE11):

  • Author(s) (Year of Publication): Title of Research Data. Data Repository or Archive. Version. Globally persistent Identificator (preferably a URL)

The citation of software can be done accordingly:

  • Author(s) (Year of Publication): Title of Software (Version). [Form, e.g. Computer Software] Source as a URL and/or DOI (Date of last retrieval)

Further information on this topic can be found here:

  • The literature management programme Endnote (version x5 onwards) provides citation templates for research data (dataset) and software (computer programme).
  • In case you know the DOI of the data you want to cite, you can use Crosscite to convert it into a full reference and different quotation styles.(