More learning places available in the university library

Lernplätze in der Bibliothek
Lernplätze in der

Starting Monday, October 4, the University Library will offer a greater number of learning spaces at its major locations in Erlangen and Nuremberg. The Main Library, the Technical and Natural Sciences Branch Library, the Economics and Social Sciences Branch Library, the Educational Sciences Branch Library, and the Law Library are expanding the opportunities to learn and work in the libraries. Additional spaces can be booked through the RSVP reservation system by now.

Please note: The obligation to wear a medical mask and the 3G rule (see §2 of the 14th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance) still apply at all locations of the University Library.

The work compartments on the first floor of the Main Library can also be used for group work for a maximum of four people by now. No prior reservation is necessary. Checking in and out via the QR code at the desks is sufficient.

Group work is also possible in the Law Library. The rooms for teamwork in the learning bridge of the law library can be reserved by now. The booking is possible via StudOn and the keys for these rooms are issued at the entrance gate of the Juridicum.


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