Reminders suspended until further notice

The reminder procedure remains suspended until further notice and thus no fees are incurred in connection with expired loan periods.
You can return literature that you no longer need at any time:

  • Main Library, the Science and Technology Branch Library, the Economics and Social Sciences Branch Library and the Educational Sciences Branch Library are open. Please return your books where you borrowed them.
  • Please return media from the departmental libraries in Bismarckstraße and Departmental Library Sinology (07SI) to the Departmental Library Educational Science, Philosophy and Psychology (04PA), media from the departmental libraries in Kochstraße and the Departmental Library of Mission Studies (01MW) to the Departmental Library Political Science (05PO).
  • Borrowed media from the Departmental Libraries Art History (06KU) and Geography (12GG) must be returned to the Main Library until further notice.
  • Books from the Departmental Libraries Physics (09GP), Biology (10GB), Process Engineering (14GV), Mathematics (18MI) and Sports Sciences (98SP) can be returned to the Science and Technology Branch Library (TNZB).

If you continue to need your borrowed media, we ask that you renew your account regularly. We ask you to return media that you can no longer renew because they have been reserved.

Addition information